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  1. Be punctual– Remain ready at right place at right time
  2. Light luggage–. Load less , carry own self and remember all .
  3. Take care of your children , your  goods , your foods and drinks , your co travelers , and your health .
  4. Keep with mosquito  repeller   or odomos cream  and  chlorine (zeoline) tablet or liquid to sterilize water
  5. Keep money and  valuables  at  safe place  or to a safe person
  6. Rechage Mobile– Regularly,   Keep your Mobile always working  &  keep  enough  talk  time  in 
  7. Always Co-Operate with CoTravelers of the tour, Tour ManagerGuide and  Driver .  Inform or draw attention all the  inconvenience or discrepancies found   to  the  Tour ManagerGuide , Driver  or to  the CoTravelers ,.
  8. Water Proof luggage should be used  to safe your clothes from  rain on roof of the  car  you travel.
  9. Don’t go out of vision of  the  Co Travelers , Tour Manager, when you are in somemarket place ,  crowded place  or lonely place or dark place .
  10. Always keep Mobile Nos. of  the Co Travelers , Tour ManagerDriver or guide,  Car  No  and Train No & Seat No.
  11. Mosquito Net In forest  area  poisonous  insects  like  mosquitoes  , flies or , snakes , scorpions  etc   can enter into  room  , So  must  sleep    in net  and if possible  use carbolic  acid  around  the  room  .
  12. Identity Card -Each and every Traveler  or Tourist  must carry the original of the   Government Recognized ( Photo & Address ) Identity Card , like Voter ID Card or Adhar Card etc ,  its Xerox copies and  few copies of  photographs with during  the whole journey .
  13. Information Card – The children and the old people must always carry an Information Card with  in there pocket . Ask INDIA BIRDS for and purchase the Information Card if required. Or  take a print from below  and  fill it up with a dot-pen or marker-pen thoroughly. The Local guardian should carry few  photographs of the child or aged person .
  14. Medical– Tourists who have any type of ailment , must carry their medicines , medical reports and prescriptions with them . They must inform the  Tour organizerand the Tour manager about their ailment in detail .

Do nots:

  1. Do not  make  your  bag  tight  up  &  heavy  with many  may be  important things .
  2. Do not trust in any unknown  person .Never  eat or  drink any  thing  from  any  unknown person.
  3. Never run down  on  a  slope & don’t be in hurry  to climb a hill .
  4. Don’t involve  in  any  quarrel . Always  try to  cool down  any dispute  or  problem solve   intelligently
  5. Do not  take  risk  with  wild  animals  or  at  high  altitude  or  at  sea  beach . Wise men  follow  the  advice  of the  Guide  or  the  Tour  Manager  .  Don’t go  close to wild animals . Before getting down  from  a  car  in a  lion or  tiger safari  be 100% confirm that no tiger or lion  is following  you  from hideout.
  6. If you  are  not  a  good  swimmer , never   dip  your hip   standing  in a sea . Do not have  your  bath  near  some   boulders   at  sea  beach  .
  7. Do  not drink river or spring  water .  Always   carry  a  water  bottle .