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India Birds - Services

People  who  has   some  Passion s  of travelling  ,

May  enjoy a  family tour . Just  few days  they spend in a  memorable  journey  with the most nearest and dearests.

 May  touch his/her  head  at any pilgrimage. Spiritual attraction  let them  bear  all  Hardship , Penance and Sacrifice.

Bathing in the fun-wave   of  Sweet  Honey moon at Gulmarg ,  newly  married  couple enter in a new life .

Education  comes out from  dry  books , stands  before  the students ,full of  enthusiasm  and  curiosity at an  Excursion.

After  complete   treatment  a Serious Patient  comes back home with  a  glowing  face  to say, ‘I am happy’ .

Only few lucky people  can witness    Kumva  Mela  –Ganga Sagar Mela    Rathyatra at Puri or any  rare phenomenon .


A  successful   top  management  plans  to rejuvenate  the colleagues  and   subordinates — Conference at a Sea Beach .

Some  off bit   dare devil s  throw  themself  in the wave of  our adventure  tours .

Always  INDIA BIRDS  offers  and  organize  a  Package  tour  In  name of Group  tour  or  Tailor-Made Tour .

We have  introduced  an option in name of ‘ IMPORTANT ‘ to keep you  armed with all necessary  informations  , apart from that we supply  printed  materials time to time  to fulfill your dream  journey, If you like , for more  involvements,   you can collect the  BOOKLETs  of our  fascinating  tours .

Our  gallery is reach in still and video clippings , it will encourage you to fly  or travel  whole  India  at all occasions by your  fertile  imaginations  and  fantasy .

INDIA BIRDS  indulges  to cover your life by  a  wrapper of  our services .