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India Birds

Our motive  is to remain   straight forward ,  punctual  , honest  and friendly  . We are tuned  to  see you  satisfied  and  free  from  suspense  or  anxiety .

INDIA BIRDS  cultivates more and more options to neutralize  your   every tension  everyday  by spreading  a new  wing  day by day.

That day is not so far  when  INDIA BIRDS  will emerge as  the best friend of a  happy person .

Your Hard Earn Money

is utilized best. You can avail here the best service at the most reasonable rate .

Comfort of your journey

is cared always . We offer the optimum possible comfort in our package tours .


at it’s best to clear every possible douts in your mind and have the product as you want .

More Imp Points

*Travel Support Kits is available in our company . You can collect it from our office .Otherwise collect the list of items necessary in tour from our Web Site in ‘IMPORTANT option

*Information’s ,  Itinerary   and  Purposeful  items  are  available at our company . You can purchase booklets or papers with  History , Geography , Culture , Visiting procedures  ,  Mantras ,Important  , ETC of  places in the tour .

*Memorable  Tours  can be  preserved   not only  in your heart but in digital  media  also . We support  our  friends  with Tour.-Photography , both audio  and Video .

Food and Hygiene

are carefully handled . We always try to supply fresh food prepared in hygienic place , by healthy person , with fresh vegetables and non-veg items .

Office time

is maintained at our office only . But our friendly warm contact can be obtained at any time . Our Web Site , E- Mail Address , and Phone is on always .

Medical Supports

are available in each city . Most of the times you can have our assistance personally and through our Web Site in ‘Important ‘option.