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Gangasagar – Do’s & Dont 2018-05-15T22:41:53+05:30

Do's & Dont's

  1. Follow the access from Kolkata to Gangasagar Mela ground as described here .

Never try to any other path to reach faster or easier .

  1. Have patience at every transition point of vehicles.

Never be hurry .

  1. Stay together all the members of your group because the vast Mela or fair ground is unmarked and unknown to you . If you are lost, please do not move this and that side, try to stand at the same place, take help of volunteers .

Never move alone and never be nervous .

  1. Keep your full address of home and Mobile Nos of all members of your group and your family with 

Do not forget to keep mobile Nos and addresses with you . 

  1. Use toilets and latrines when required .


  1. Use paper pack never use plastics , Even if you use any plastic never leave or throw it in this island . Use dustbin, never throw any thing on ground or in water .


There are many types of Hardship and Want


  1. Want  of good food .
  2.  Want of roof on heads at drizzling winter nights .
  3.  Want of Vessels to cross the Muri Ganga , from  Lot No.8  to Kachuberia  or Vice versa .
  4. Want of Buses from Kachuberia to Gangasagar Mela Ground  or Vice versa .
  5. After dip in Sangam or confluence want of a safe shelter to change clothes for ladies .
  6. Over  loaded roads can consume your hours in row of innocent religious people  .  

Pilgrims are waiting in line for hours,  facing huddles and  want of so many things are here,   still they are coming  since uncounted centuries  and going  back with smile ,  memories of single time experience in life  and  satisfaction of religious fulfillment .




 A . Some opportunist- people hold out bait of comfortable journey against  huge amount of money from Pilgrims – , avoid them .

 B . You may need to wait in a row for hours for vessels or Buses or to reach to the temple of Kapil Muni ( Hermit ) –  , Do not be hurry, it may spread some fatal tussles among the ( long waiting innocent ) people.   Have patience . All will be fulfilled with time .

 C . During  the  Mela  ( Fair) you may need 12 hours or more to reach Gangasagar Mela ground from Kolkata ( only 120 Kms ) , Commonly in other time,  it takes minimum 6 (six) hours, Please remain prepared and co-operate .

 D . In the pocket of old people and children put an Identity card which must contain  Name, Age, Home address and Local address (With Pin cod and Police station) , Phone No. of home, Mobile No. of nearest / contact person  and local guardian , Parents’ or Spouse’s  name , etc

 E . There you may not avail any Rickshaw or Auto to move from one place to another .  Depend on your own feet to cover  few miles .

F . Before you consume or use any thing like,  food or drink tea or coffee or anything,   be clear about it’s price and quality , some dirty shopkeepers may ask much more price after you have consumed .

 G . Put or deposit all costly clothes and articles to any known person at the time of your bath or go to toilet . Never trust unknown one.  Some pick-pockets and snatchers gather in every congregation . Remain alert .

 H . Good Food and shelter is very essential , book it prior to reach their .

 I . After Mela /Fair period, commonly here  water- transport fully depends on high tide , keep prior information about timings of vessels . Otherwise you may need to wait 4 to 14 hours to avail a vessel .

After all ,  It is true that Gangasagar Mela is  the second highest rural congregation of unorganized people in the world . So your co-operation is most welcome . Please, give us your valuable suggestions and reviews ,  as we can gradually convert a Rural Hindu Fair into an International Fair in Hindusthan .

We are always ready to listen and solve your grievances ,  so if you have grievence against us , Please send it directly to our mail address or E-mail address.