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Gangasagar Mela

Gangasagar Mela is an international Village fair , takes place every year on the auspicious day , 14th January at Gangasagardwip .  Gangasagardwip is the largest Delta island of Bay of Bengal in Sundarbana area . But no  tiger lives here . This island, also known as Gangasagar or Sagardwip which is about 100 km south of Kolkata and  is a Hindu pilgrimage . Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti ( Last day of Bengali month Poush which is set on 14 January), hundreds of thousands of Indians and foreigners gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal . This confluence is also called Gangasagar and devotees worship (puja) the confluence and  the Kapil Muni at  Kapil Muni Temple . Apart from Kumbha Mela there is not any such huge  gathering and Mela on the Earth . All the year, specially  from the end of  October to the  end of February  devotes come from whole world to Gangasagar and visit Kapilmuni Temple after having a holy  bath at sacred water of the confluence.